Optic Shop Ever-Clear Wets™ Pre-Moistened Lens Cloths (193-30)


Ever-Clear Wets™ Disposable Pre-Moistened Eyeglass Lens Wipes are specially formulated to safely remove dirt and oil from lenses quickly and conveniently.  Ever-Clear’s dry fast and leave a streak-free shine.   Our wipes effectively clean all types of lenses, leave no residue behind, and do not require wiping or buffing with a separate cloth.

 Pro-Optics was one of the first manufacturers to offer disposable lens wipes to retailers and has continuously improved the Ever-Clear™ over the past two decades. Ever-Clear Wets™ newest formulation provides Anti-Static protection for eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, cameras, binoculars, and other fine optical lenses.

Keeping your lens cloth clean and free of debris is essential for scratch-free lens care.   Ever-Clear Wets™ are single-use, disposable cloths that take the worry out of properly storing and frequently washing your lens cloth.   Ever-Clears™ are also convenient to carry and eliminate the need for additional liquid lens cleaners.

Instructions for Use:

Tear open the individual packet and unfold the Ever-Clear™ lens cloth. Lightly brush away any surface dirt or girt on the lens.   Clean the lens in a circular motion and wait a few seconds for the formula to dry.  Dispose of the cloth after cleaning.  Contains 30 individually wrapped 6.00" x 5.00" pre-moistened lens cloths.

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